Video Poker Beginner’s Guide

Video Poker is one of the most popular casino slots games in the world. Invented in the 1970s, video poker is popular for allowing players to enjoy poker games without having to pay out the high stakes required to qualify for Caribbean Stud Poker table games.

Playing Video Poker for Beginners

Casino games - video pokerVideo poker is an adaptation of five card stud poker. To play the game players are required to purchase credits on the video poker screen. Once these credits are available, the player can choose how many credits to bet, after which they press the draw button on the game console.

Pressing the draw button results in five cards being drawn at random and displayed on the game monitor. The player is then free to hold cards that make up, or might make up, a good poker hand. Once the desired number of cards have been held, the player presses draw again to replace those cards not held.

The final selection of five cards comprises the player’s poker hand and determines the payout the player will earn. Before playing, gamers need to familiarise themselves with the minimum requirements for a payout, as different video poker games feature different minimum qualifying hands.

The usual minimum qualifying hand for a 1:1 payout on a video poker machine is a pair of jacks. However some machines only offer payouts on three of a kind or better. Some players choose to play video poker games that offer jackpot payouts on the best hands.

Video Poker for Beginners – Basic Strategy

Video Poker offers far better odds than many other slots games, and is preferred over slots by many gamers due to the fact that playing the game using an intelligent strategy has a substantial effect on a player’s prospects of earning a good payout.

Video Poker strategy varies depending on the type of game played, however some basic video poker guidelines are:

  • Always place the maximum bet
  • Aim for long term rather than short term gain, and be prepared to accept short term losses in pursuit of long term return
  • Always aim for the biggest possible payout when holding cards after the first draw

The odds paid out for video poker games depend on which version of the game is played. Payouts are usually clearly indicated on the upper half of the game consol. The games with the best long-term returns for players employing effective strategies are, from highest to lowest:

Jacks or Better 99.54%
Double Double Bonus 100.067%
Double Bonus 100.1725%
Deuces Wild 100.762%

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