The Beginner’s Guide to Bingo

Bingo is all about luck, there is no strategising or skill involved and it is one of the simplest games to master. Online Bingo is even easier to get the hang of as most reputable online sites will have added features that automatically do chores for the player.

Step 1: Choose a Site

There are well over 300 online sites dedicated exclusively to Bingo and many of them will offer 75-ball Bingo, traditionally favoured by the USA market and others the 90-ball variety, normally the preferred variant of the UK. Find the Bingo variant that suits you.

To begin playing Bingo online, the player will either have to download free software onto their computer or register and open an account where Java and flash based games are available immediately.

Step 2: 'Buy' Bingo Tickets

The next step is to 'buy' the Bingo tickets and the cost of these tickets will vary from site to site, some sites will favour the high rollers whereas others will offer games for really small amounts of money, so there will always be a game to suit all pockets. The tickets are randomly selected by the computer and allocated to each player.

Each player will have to deposit funds to obtain their tickets and many Bingo sites offer all sorts of bonuses and incentives to attract the growing number of Bingo fanatics on the net, so it's best to shop around for the best deal!

Step 3: Follow the CM's Lead

Once the money has been deposited, the CM, or Chat Monitor – the cyberspace equivalent of the host or caller in land-based Bingo – will welcome you to the game. Many of the sites have a dedicated chat feature and players are actively encouraged to communicate amongst each other, thereby creating a spirit of community but be warned, try not to chat during the calling as you may well miss out on a number or two!

The beauty of online Bingo is the added optional features that make life so very easy for the punter; online players don't even have to mark their numbers on the tickets, this is done automatically with the auto-daub feature. Then there are the gaming features "Best Card Sorting and Best Card Highlighting" here each player's card is automatically sorted and highlighted by closest to Bingo - cool hey?

Once all the players are ready, the CM will confirm the combination of numbers to make up the Bingo and traditionally it is a line, two lines or a full house but this can vary from site to site. Calling then begins and if the number appears on any of the player's tickets or cards it will automatically be marked off. The first person to have marked off all the prerequisite numbers must press the Bingo button, the CM will validate the ticket and the player will win some lovely lolly - simple!

Ladbrokes £20 Bonus

  • Open an account at Ladbrokes Bingo
  • Simply deposit a minimum of £10 into your account, purchase at least £10 worth of Bingo tickets and Ladbrokes will give you £20 free to play Bingo.
  • You will be credited with your free £20 bonus within 48 hours of spending your deposit

Ladbrokes is a 4 star rated Bingo. You can read the Ladbrokes Review to learn why.

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