How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

The 90-ball variety of Bingo is the traditional variant used predominantly in the UK and parts of Europe, South America and Australia and the major differences between this type of Bingo and the 75-ball form, popular in the United States, are the design of the tickets and the winning combinations available.

The Ticket

The Bingo ticket prevalent in the UK and at a large variety of Bingo cyber-Halls is simply a ticket made up of 9 vertical and 3 horizontal lines with 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces in each row. The first column contains numbers from 1-9, the second 10 – 19, the third 20 – 29 and so on until the last column which contains numbers from 80 – 90.

When you play bingo the host or Chat Monitor will duly call numbers, randomly selected by the random number generator. Each player will have their tickets marked automatically by the auto-daub feature and once all the numbers on one of the player’s tickets have been marked according to the prescribed combination, that player must call “Bingo” by clicking the Bingo button. The CM will validate the ticket and the player’s account will be topped up with the winnings!

The Winning Combos

There are only three winning combos in the 75-ball format of Bingo – a line, two lines or full house. With the line combination, all the numbers in a single line across must be marked for the player to call “Bingo” and obviously with two lines, all the numbers on two horizontal lines must be checked. The full house combination is when all the numbers on the card are marked and once this happens there is normally quite a valuable jackpot up for grabs.


Although there are very few rules dedicated to Bingo there is a Bingo etiquette and one of the things that may get both the CM and the other players a bit annoyed is if “Bingo” is called prematurely! The other no-no is to chat when the calling is going on – one of the only skills required for Bingo is to be able to search and mark the numbers off the Bingo ticket as quickly as possible before the next number is called and if there is a lot of chatting going on, there could be a marked lack of concentration by the players!

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