How to Play 75 Ball Bingo

This form of Bingo is favoured by players in the United States and several of the online Bingo sites. Although the principle of the game is exactly the same, the Bingo cards and the winning combinations are markedly different to that of 90-ball Bingo, preferred in the UK.

The Bingo Card or Ticket

The American Bingo card does look very different to the English Bingo ticket – it is made up of 25 squares arranged in five columns and five rows with the letters BINGO above each column. Unlike the 90-ball ticket, there is only one free space, the centre square that is deemed filled and again, unlike the British version, there are sometimes two numbers per square and these are known as dual dab or double action cards.

The printed numbers on the cards follow this basic arrangement:

  • The column headed by the letter B of Bingo will contain numbers from 1-15
  • The column headed by the letter I will contain numbers from I – 16-30
  • The column headed by the letter N will contain numbers from N – 31-45
  • The column headed by the letter G will contain numbers from G – 46-60
  • The column headed by the letter O will contain numbers from O – 61-75

Bingo Gaming Patterns

The ‘gaming patterns’ are the same as the ‘winning combinations’ of 90-ball Bingo and there are generally three accepted patterns:

  • Coverall, Full Card or Blackout – in this combination all numbers on the card must be marked but to be eligible for the jackpot, the player must mark all the numbers on his or her card before the 41st number is called!
  • Regular – there are 3 ways to win regular games – by horizontal line, vertical line or diagonal line.
  • Four Corners – in this combination only four numbers on the Bingo card counts, B1, B5, O1 and O5!

As with 90-ball Bingo there is a tried and tested etiquette when you play online Bingo – never call Bingo unless you are certain you have it. This is obviously a common problem in Bingo as they have a range of terms for calling prematurely including “falsie”, “Bongo” and the more genteel “social error”!

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