Spread Betting

Spread betting is a popular variation on regular fixed odds betting which allows punters to make money by betting on margins within specific sports events, irrespective of the outcome of the event.

The Single Index

The most popular spread betting format, and the easiest to use, is Single Index spread betting. This betting format is often applied to scoring in a sports event.


Johnny Wilkinson is quoted at scoring 12 points for England against Wales in a Single Index market. Punters can purchase a buy for this market at $5. What this means is that punters have effectively bet on every point Wilkinson scores over 12 points, and stand to incur a $5 loss for each point less than 12.

If Wilkinson scores 20 points against Wales, the punter will earn a payout of 20-12 x $5 for a profit of $40. However, if Wilkinson scores only 6 points, the punter will pay out 12-6 x $5 for a loss of $30.

This form of betting is also known as Over/Under betting or Bets on the Total. More advanced forms of spread betting are available from specialised spread betting companies, and require an in depth understanding of the markets being bet on, the sport involved and the process of spread betting. These are therefore not recommended for novice punters.

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