Odds Comparison Tables

The use of Odds comparison tables is an invaluable tool for finding the best prices when placing bets. These tables are not offered by sportsbooks themselves, but are instead generated by sites like Gambling Guru, and give punters the opportunity to compare the prices being offered on an event by a selection of reputable bookmakers.

While it’s unlikely that bookmakers will diverge significantly in their pricing of an event, small differences in price can have a significant effect on the payouts generated by successful bets. To make use of an odds comparison table, simply find your selection on the table, and then compare the prices offered in the columns for the various bookmakers.

To make proper use of an odds comparison table you will need to open accounts at several sportsbooks. Apart from guaranteeing that you will be paid the best price on any given event, you’ll also be able to earn hundreds of pounds worth of free bets as you open additional accounts.

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