Novelty Betting

Novelty betting is offered by a wide selection of sportsbooks in the United Kingdom. While the term ‘novelty’ may give the impression that these markets don’t offer serious betting opportunities, the opposite is true, and novelty bets have generated some of the biggest payouts in history.

Novelty betting markets cover a broad variety of topical subjects, and allow punters to place bets on the outcome of:

  • Television shows
  • Politics
  • Current events
  • Stock Markets
  • Competitions
  • Award Ceremonies

Novelty betting markets are particularly popular when placing multiple bets and accumulators, where bets on a selection of likely outcomes in current events can generate some impressive payouts.

Sports Personality of the Year - Sports Personality of the Year -
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Clarke, D13/811/813/813/811/813/87/411/819/10
Cavendish, M7/415/87/47/415/86/413/813/813/8
McIlroy, R6615/26669/2715/2
Farah, M7897885812
Donald, L20-20202025202039
Cook, A253340253333334064
Daley, T334040333366333374
Greene, D2550662540503340109
Adlington, R--100-100100100100249
Anderson, J66-10066100---999
Bale, G--100-100-100-499
Beckham, D100-10010066-100-999
Bell, I100-100100100-100-999
Broad, S66-1006666---999
Button, J100-100100100-100100599
Croft, T100-100100100-100-999
Easter, N--100-----999
Ennis, J100-10010066-100-999
Flood, T100-10010080-80-999
Foden, B100-100100100-100-999
Froch, C--100-80-100-999
Gerrard, S--100---100-999
Hamilton, L100-10010066-100100999
Hart, J--100-----999
Higgins, J--100-100-100-999
Idowu, P--100-80---999
Khan, A66-100668010066100499
Lampard, F----100-100--
Lewis, A100--100--100--
McCoy, T--100-100-66-999
Moody, L100-100100100-66-999
Murray, A6666100666610080100299
O'Sullivan, R--100-100-100-999
Robson, L------100-999
Rooney, W33805033331005066209
Rose, J--100-100-100-999
Scholes, P100-10010080-66-249
Strauss, A66-100666610066100249
Swann, G50-10050100-100-999
Taylor, P506610050100-66100499
Trott, J100-100100100-100-559
Trump, J----100---999
Tweddle, B80-10080100---499
Westwood, L50-10050100-66100999
Wiggins, B100-100100100-100-999
Wilkinson, J100-10010050-80-499
Youngs, B100-100100100-100-999
Ashton, C100-100100150-50-999
Casey, P--100-150-100-999
Collingwood, P--100-100-150-999
Haye, D100-100100150-100-999
McDowell, G100-100100150-100-999
Pietersen, K--100-100-150-999
Williams, S------150-999
Henson, G--100---200-999
Poulter, I100-100100200-100-999
Terry, J--100-300-100-999
Chambers, D--------999
DeGale, J--------999
Dettori, F--------999
Ferdinand, R--------999
Fisher, R--------999
Lewis Francis, M--------999
Miley, H--------999
Moore, R--------999
Ohuruogu, C--------999
Pendleton, V--------999
Radcliffe, P--------999
Rees, M--------999
Tindall, M--------999
Turner, H--------999
Wade, J--------999
Walcott, T--------999
Waley-Cohen, S--------999
Williams, A--------999
Williams, M--------999

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