Live Betting

Live betting or in-play betting is a popular alternative to traditional fixed odds betting. Live betting markets are offered while sports are being played and allow punters to read the flow of play before betting on the action.

Depending on the sport being played, the types of live betting markets on offer will differ. For example in some team sports betting markets are briefly re-opened at half time, allowing punters to bet on the outcome of the game based on what they have seen in the first half.

However, sports like football offer dynamic live betting markets, with punters able to place bets in real time. Markets include betting on which team will score the next goal, the game’s final score and additional handicap markets. Golf also offers in-play markets, with punters able to bet on the outright tournament winner at any time.

Where to find Live Betting

Live betting is available from a wide selection of sportsbooks, however, sportsbooks will differ in terms of the variety of live betting opportunities offered. Having several betting accounts will help punters locate the best live betting opportunities during any particular sports event.

Specialist live betting sportsbooks include:

Guide to Live Betting

Live betting is something of an art form, and punters will need to prepare themselves for making some quick decisions when placing money in these markets. A good knowledge of the sport being bet on is crucial to successful live betting, as is being able to predict how a situation will play out, which can pay out some good dividends.

Live betting can be particularly lucrative when punters place bets on long shots in sports events. The Euro2008 comeback by Turkey against the Czech Republic or the 2005 Champions League final comeback by Liverpool, are just two examples of games where live bets on these teams at half-time generated some massive returns.

It is also preferable to place a selection of smaller bets on a number of markets rather than to risk a single massive stake on one market. This is because even 1/1000 bets go on to lose despite leading a game or race at the halfway mark, and this can translate into big losses when the punter would have earned only modest returns.

Useful Sites

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