Major League Baseball

MLB Betting GuideMajor League Baseball operates the two biggest professional baseball leagues in the United States, the National Baseball League and the American Baseball League. Major League Baseball is the oldest sports league in the United States, and is recognised internationally as an iconic American cultural phenomenon.

Major League Baseball comprises two semi-independent leagues, each divided into 3 conferences. Approximately 162 games are played in Major League baseball each year as the member teams compete in a succession of two to four games series.

The highest placed teams in each league progress through to the MLB playoffs, which in turn determine which teams will participate in the season ending World Series. The World Series is one of the biggest annual sports events in the United States and attracts a massive domestic and international television audience.

Major League Baseball Betting

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With over 160 fixtures played every year, not including the Major League Baseball playoffs and the World Series, punters betting on baseball will never run short of betting opportunities. A wide selection of UK sportsbooks cover Major League Baseball fixtures with over 20 betting markets open for each game.

Major League Baseball History

The first professional baseball league came into existence in 1871, when the National Association was set up in an attempt to organise the activities of a number of professional and semi-professional baseball teams on the East Coast.

Whilst the National Association was short-lived, it laid down the foundation for the National League, formed in 1976. It took nearly a quarter of a century for baseball in the West to become organised, with the American League founded in 1901.

The American League and the National League have governed baseball since their formation, assimilating a number of smaller leagues along the way, including the Negro National League and the Eastern Coloured League, once the sport had been desegregated.

Baseball is considered the most traditional of American sports, and as a result has remained relatively unchanged since the first leagues were set up in the 19th century. Bar minor changes to rules, Major League baseball has stuck to its working class roots, and still attempts to adhere to the traditional aesthetic of the game.

Major League Baseball Winners

The Major League Baseball season culminates in a best-of-seven series known as the World Series, which offers the biggest prize in professional baseball. The New York Yankees are the most successful side in the history of the World Series, having won the title on 26 occasions.

The St. Louis Cardinals boast the best record of any National League team, having won the World Series 10 times in 17 appearances.

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