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NBA US Sports Betting ActionThe national leagues of America’s four favourite team sports include some of the most glamorous, competitive and well attended sports leagues in the world. While American sport doesn’t tend to lend itself to outside competition, millions of sports fans around the world support teams playing in the various American sports leagues.

At present overseas punters are responsible for the bulk of online betting activity surrounding American Sports. With sports betting in America tightly regulated, and online sports betting banned, the movement of American sports internet betting markets is determined by sportsbooks and punters in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The American sports betting markets focus on:

  • The National Football League: America’s biggest professional American football league features 32 franchises divided into two 16- team groups. The National Football League is the best-attended sports league on the planet.
  • Major League Baseball: Major League Baseball is an American cultural icon, and a massive money-spinner. Major League Baseball governs both the National League and the American League, and represents the interests of 30 baseball franchises.
  • National Basketball League: The NBA has a large following outside America. The League comprises 30 franchises, which recruit the top basketball players from around the world.
  • National Hockey League: The National Hockey League is the world’s biggest professional hockey league. The tournament comprises 6 teams from Canada and 24 from the United States, and attracts the top players from Europe’s biggest hockey leagues.

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American Sports Betting Opportunities

The four most popular American sports provide a huge array of betting markets and sports betting opportunities. Betting markets are open for all regular season games in each of the four leagues, with bookmakers also offering betting specials and free bet offers on the playoffs of each league.

NBA Betting: Dozens of betting opportunities are available during NBA games. The most popular NBA betting markets include win bets and points scorer betting.

NFL Betting: The NFL is covered by a massive variety of betting markets that allow punters to bet on dozens of aspects of this highly tactical game. Many punters also place bets on the outcome of the entire NFL season in addition to bets on individual games.

NHL Betting: The NHL is a highly competitive league, in which results are difficult to predict. Popular hockey betting markets include handicap and match betting.

NBL Betting: The National Baseball League is all about statistics, which makes it a great sport to bet on. Punters can bet on over 20 NBL markets during every game, with bets on total runs the most popular betting option.

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