The Davis Cup

The Davis Cup is the biggest and most prestigious international team tournament in tennis. The tournament is run and organised by the International Tennis Federation, with ties held at a wide selection of venues around the world.

The Davis Cup features national teams comprising each country’s best singles and double players. Over 134 international teams participate in the tournament, with an elite selection of 16 teams competing in the World Group.

The final stages of the Davis Cup World Group are played over four weekends during the year. During the competition, which follows a knockout format, teams in the World Group participate in a series of ties. Each tie consists of five matches, with players competing in four singles matches and one doubles match.

Davis Cup Betting

The final stages of the World Group Davis Cup ties are important international tennis events, and attract massive crowds and television audiences. As such, tennis fans and punters are able to vote on a wide selection of Davis Cup betting markets.

Due to the tournament format, where matches are spread out across the tennis calendar, punters are able to place bets on the Davis Cup throughout the year. Punters are also able to participate in a small selection of tennis betting markets unique to the tournament.

Davis Cup History

The Davis Cup originates from a tennis tournament first proposed in 1899, that would pit a team from Harvard University against a team from Britain. One of the members of the Harvard team, Dwight Davis, planned the tournament and commissioned the tournament’s trophy.

The tournament featured only British and American teams for the first several years of its existence, but by 1905 had expanded to include additional teams from Europe and Australasia.

As the tournament expanded, the original title of International Lawn Tennis Challenge was dropped, and the event was named after the man who had played such an important role in its formation.

Davis Cup Winners

The United States teams have won more Davis Cup titles than any other country, lifting the Davis Cup on 32 occasions. The Australian team is not far off the pace with 28 Davis Cup titles, while Great Britain lags far behind alongside France on 9 Davis Cup titles.

American and Australian domination of the Davis Cup has been so pronounced that these two countries have claimed almost two thirds of all Davis Cup titles contested to date. Only 12 of the 129 countries which have played in the World Group have won the Davis Cup, making it one of the toughest tennis tournaments in the world.

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