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The Open Championship, also known as the British Open, is the oldest and most prestigious of the four Majors contested annually by the world’s most skillful professional golfers. It is also the only Major hosted outside the United States.

The Open Championship is played at the weekend of the third Friday in July and is rotated annually between 9 golf courses in England and Scotland. The tournament comprises a field of 156 golfers, which include the top 50 ranked players in the world, previous Majors winners, and the top 20 players in the money lists in both the PGA and European Tours for the previous season.

2012 Open Championship Odds

the Open - the Open -
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Woods, T4511/213/2656666
Mcilroy, R11/28787813/2888
Donald, L10141414141414141414
Westwood, L8141014121412121414
Kaymer, M18162020201620182020
Garcia, S22162520201622202525
Mickelson, P20252220202520222025
Harrington, P40303333333033283325
Johnson, Dustin35404033334033404040
Schwartzel, C-404040404033334040
Oosthuizen, L-304040403040334033
Day, J30504040405040404040
McDowell, G40504033405040404040
Rose, J32503550405028334040
Scott, A50505033405033284028
Poulter, I48505050405040333340
Watson, B-303340333033334033
Bjorn, T-606666666066666666
Kuchar, M-406050504066505066
Lawrie, Paul-6066--6066-6666
Stricker, S56505050505050405066
Watney, N50505050505050505066
Casey, P65606650666066665066
Manassero, M-356660503550505066
Choi, KJ-507066665066666666
Hanson, P-706650667066666666
Mahan, H-504066505050504040
Bradley, K-66-806666-668066
Fowler, R50506650505040505050
Simpson, W-606666666050666666
Els, E758050806680-508066
Goosen, R65506666665066666650
Ogilvy, G-708066807080668050
Stenson, H608066-808080508066
Coetzee, G--------100-
Fisher, R1006010080806080808080
Furyk, J100801001008080808010050
Karlsson, R81808080808080808066
Kim, A66808066808080806680
Stanley, K----------
Molinari, F-708080807080806680
Aiken, T-125---125-125125-
Cabrera, A-801251001008080100100100
Clarke, D955012566805066808066
Colsaerts, N-125125--125-125125-
Haas, B-801251251258010080100-
Holmes, JB-125---125----
Jacquelin, R-125--125125--100-
Jimenez, MA-125125125100125100125100-
Johnson, Z-10012510010010010010010080
Laird, M-100125125100100100125125100
Lewis, T-801008080808080100125
Overton, J-125---125-125100-
Quiros, Alvaro-601251008060808010080
Van Pelt, B-70125-8070-80100-
Woodland, G-125125100100125100125125100
Jacobson, F-125100801001251001008080
Andersson Hed, F-150---150--150-
Baddeley, A-125150125100125125125100-
Byrd, J-125150-125125--150-
Chalmers, G--------150-
Cink, S-100150125100100125125100100
Crane, B-150-100-150--150-
Curtis, B-150---150-150150-
Davis, B-150---150----
Dyson, S-100-1001001008010012580
Fernandez Castano, G--------150-
Hansen, A-125150--125--125-
Howell III, C-125150-125125--125-
Immelman, T-125150100125125-150125-
Luiten, J--------150-
Noren, A-125150125125125125125125-
O'Hair, S-125150-125125125125125-
Rock, R-12510015012512510080125125
Senden, J--------150-
Singh, V-125125125125125--150-
Snedeker, B-125150125125125125-125125
Toms, D-8015012512580125-125-
Wilson, M-150---150--125-
Yang, Yong-Eun-701501001007010010010080
Love III, D-80150-12580150125125-
Molinari, E-125150125125125150100125-
Allenby, R-125175-125125125150100-
Ishikawa, R-150175150150150150150150-
Moore, R-100175125125100125150125-
Villegas, C-125175125125125125125100-
Campbell, Chad-125200-125125150-125-
Cantlay, P--------200-
Clark, T-125175--125--200-
Glover, L-125200-125125125-100-
Havret, G--------200-
Hoey, M--------200-
Larrazabal, P-125---125--200-
Leonard, J--------200-
Marino, S-150200--150----
Mulroy, G--------200-
Ramsay, R--------200-
Sabbatini, R-125200-125125----
Calcavecchia, M--------250-
Daly, J--------250-
Lehman, T--------250-
Reavie, C--------250-
Townsend, A--------250-
Watson, T--------250250
Hamilton, T--------300-
Ichihara, K--------300-
Khan, S--------300-
Pagunsan, J--------300-
Takayama, T--------300-
Taniguchi, Toru--------300-
Vegas, J-150300--150----
Kraft, K--------400-
Lahiri, A--------400-
Mamat, M--------400-
Marksaeng, P--------400-
O'Meara, M--------400-
Veenstra, G--------400-
Cochran, R--------500-
Da Silva, A--------500-
Hall, A--------500-
Lyle, S--------500-
Norman, G--------500-
Appleby, S----------
Dufner, J----------
Duval, D----------
Georgiou, A----------
Olesen, T----------

Open Championship Betting

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Open Championship History

The first Open Championship was hosted at Scotland’s Prestwick Golf Club in October of 1960. The event attracted a field of only 8 professional golfers, who played all three rounds of the tournament in a single day. Willie Park Senior emerged as the first Open Championship winner, earning a red belt with a silver buckle for his efforts.

The Prestwick Golf Club hosted the event for the first decade of its existence, before an agreement was reached to co-host the tournament with St. Andrews Golf Club and the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers.

The Open Championship was dominated by Scottish golfers during the early part of its history, with Walter Hagen being the first American to win the event in 1922. It was not until the 1960s that the Open Championship came to be considered as one of the Majors, when Arnold Palmer began taking part in the event on a regular basis.

Although a number of modern golfers, including Tiger Woods, have made their mark on the Open Championship, it is a trio of players from the 1960s and 1970s who are remembered as the greatest Open Championship winners.

Between 1960 and 1978 the trio of Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Arnold Palmer won the Open Championship eight times between the three of them, thereby massively boosting the importance and profile of the event.

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