Golf Betting Guide

Golf is evolving into one of the most popular betting sports in the world, and with good reason. Golf offers punters access to a number of betting options that are virtually unique to the sport, including player match betting and 3 ball betting.

Golf betting is relatively simple to understand, and even the most inexperienced golf fan can find ways to use their love of the sport to make smart betting decisions. With golf a tournament taking place almost every week of the year, golf fans will never be left searching for exciting golf betting opportunities.

The golf betting markets focus on:

  • The PGA Tour: The American Professional Golfers Association, which hosts over forty lucrative tournaments in the United States every year.
  • The PGA European Tour: An elite professional tour encompassing events held all around the world. Features an international membership and high quality tournaments.
  • The Majors: The four biggest tournaments of the year, featuring the top players from the PGA Tour and the European Tour.

Popular Golf Betting Options:

Outright Betting

Outright betting is the most straightforward golf betting option. Punters select a player they believe capable of winning a tournament and await the result.

Outright betting markets tend to open months in advance of the biggest golf tournaments, offering fans access to high ante-post odds that tend to contract as the tournament approaches. Partnering with the premier UK bookmakers we are confident that you will benefit from their generous free golf bets.

Player Match Betting

Player Match Betting options are set up by bookmakers to allow fans to bet on hypothetical contests between two players in a tournament. Each player is priced at specific odds to win the match, and a punter can back one or simply bet on a draw between the two.

Tournament Group Betting

Tournament group betting applies similar principles to those governing player match betting. Bookmakers place tournament participants in hypothetical groups, which offer punters the opportunity to bet on which player is likely to achieve the best score in the tournament.

3 Ball Betting

3 Ball betting is a variation on player match betting. Instead of matching up-two players for a given tournament, 3 ball betting matches up three golfers for a particular round of golf. Players have the option of betting on whichever player they feel will card the lowest score in the round.

US Masters - US Masters - 12:00
Click red odds to strike a bet
Cabrera, A7/210/37/210/37/2
Choi, KJ37/247/24
Schwartzel, C37/27/210/34
Mcilroy, R4514/559/4
Scott, A9/27/217/248
Woods, T615/2995
Day, J2528353325
Donald, L2566384033
Van Pelt, B-150---
Ogilvy, G-66214--
Westwood, L--909--
Couples, F--919--
Laird, M--919--
Mickelson, P--919--
Fisher, R--924--
Barnes, R--949--
Casey, P--949--
Fowler, R--949--
Furyk, J--949--
Garcia, S--949--
Immelman, T--949--
Ishikawa, R--949--
Johnson, Dustin--949--
Karlsson, R--949--
Kuchar, M--949--
Moore, R--949--
Palmer, R--949--
Poulter, I--949--
Quiros, Alvaro--949--
Rose, J--949--
Snedeker, B--949--
Stricker, S--949--
Toms, D--949--
Watney, N--949--
Watson, B--949--
Woodland, G--949--
Yang, Yong-Eun--949--

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