Darts Betting

Darts BettingDarts is a rapidly growing sport that is attracting increased media interest in the United States and Great Britain. The classic 501 game format, requiring opponents to bring the score to 0 in the fewest possible throws of their 3 dart sets, is used for all major competitions and provides an exciting alternative to mainstream team sports.

International darts tournaments are organised by three competing ruling bodies, the British Darts Organisation, the World Darts Federation and the Professional Darts Corporation. Of these three organizations, the Professional Darts Corporation offers the biggest prize money.

Darts Tournaments

The biggest tournaments organised by the World Darts Federation, British Darts Organisation and the Professional Darts Corporation include:

Darts Betting Guide

Betting on darts has been popular for centuries in the United Kingdom, and is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world. Many bookmakers in the United Kingdom open betting markets for the matches played at the most prestigious darts tournaments, offering fans of the game an opportunity to add to the excitement of watching darts matches live and having a free darts bet while they watch the action unfold.

The most popular darts betting options include:

Outright Betting: Outright betting on darts offers punters the opportunity to bet on which player will win a given darts championship. Large fields tend to participate in these events, which means many sportsbooks will pay out each/way bets on generous outright darts betting prices.

Match Betting: Betting on darts matches is no different from betting on match-ups in any other sport. Odds are offered on each of the participants, and punters can select which of the players they’d like to place money on. Bookmakers also offer handicap-betting markets for darts matches.

Some of the biggest darts events in the world, including those featuring the celebrities of the game, attract significant interest in the United Kingdom and United States. As a result, darts fans can occasionally benefit from the occasional money back darts betting special during the biggest darts events of the year.

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