Twenty20 Cricket

Twenty20 CricketTwenty20 Cricket is a relatively new version of cricket designed to attract new fans to the game. The format was initially conceived with modest aspirations. However, during the past two years Twenty20 cricket has revolutionised the sport, setting the stage for club and provincial cricket to go fully professional around the globe.

The Twenty20 cricket format allows each side to alternatively bat and bowl for up to 20 overs in a game. The side with the highest score wins, and the emphasis in the format is on batting attack and hence scoring as many boundaries as possible. Besides turning regional cricket into a lucrative venture, Twenty20 cricket has also had a positive effect on the other forms of cricket, as players have generally pushed the boundaries of aggressive play.

Twenty20 cricket has achieved phenomenal success on the Asian subcontinent in particular, where a domestic league equaling the value of some of the biggest sports leagues in the United States was created virtually overnight. Twenty20 internationals have also become an integral part of overall international cricket series.

Twenty20 Cricket Betting

Twenty20 cricket has been received as enthusiastically by sportsbooks as by fans. The Indian Premier League received high profile coverage from several UK bookmakers, with each game offering a wide array of betting opportunities as well as betting specials.

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Twenty20 Cricket Championships

Twenty20 cricket is set to enjoy massive growth during the next decade, and the format has already inspired the creation of several high profile tournaments. These include:

  • The Twenty20 World Cup: The Twenty20 World Cup is a biennial event featuring 12 national teams. The next Twenty20 World Cup will be played in England in 2009
  • The Indian Premier League: The Indian Premier League revolutionised the sport, as a multi-billion dollar league was created virtually overnight. The competition features 8 domestic teams, featuring some of the best players from around the world
  • The Twenty20 Champions League: The Twenty20 Champions League promises to transform domestic cricket in all participating nations. The tournament features 8 domestic teams from four cricket playing nations comprising England, South Africa, Australia and India.

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