Premier League Trophy

Only five clubs have had the opportunity to lift the Premier League trophy. England's biggest prize is arguably the most covered trophy in international football and replaced the trophy awarded to winners of the English 1st division prior to 1993.

Pure Class

The Premier League Trophy was commissioned by the Premier League prior to the commencement of the new top-tier league championship in England in 1993. The contract for the production of the trophy was given to Asprey of London.


The Premier League Trophy is a hefty item, weighing in at over 25 kilograms. The trophy was cast from sterling silver and features a malachite plinth. The trophy stands over 70cm tall and almost half a meter wide, making in one of the largest trophies in club football.

The Premier League trophy's design is intended to reflect the proud heritage of English football. The trophy features England's 3 lions, with two featured on the handles and the third symbolized by the winning Premiership captain as he lifts the trophy after winning the tournament.

The names of winning clubs are listed on a silver band that encircles the plinth. The trophy also features the name of the league as well as that of the league sponsor, and is decorated with blue ribbons bearing the sponsor's name.

Previous Trophy

Prior to the creation of the Premier League Trophy the top club in England had been awarded the English Football League Championship Trophy. Popularly known as 'the Lady', the Championship Trophy was cast in 1890 by Vaughtons of Birmingham. At present this historic trophy is awarded to the winner of the 2nd tier Football League Championship.


  • The Premier League Trophy is awarded for a single season, and winning clubs are given a replica of the trophy for their trophy cabinets.
  • It is not unusual for the Premier League Trophy to embark on international tours to help win new fans for the league.
  • Players who win the Premier League are awarded medals to commemorate their achievement.
  • A solid gold replica of the Premier League Trophy was awarded to Arsenal in 2004 when the club won the Premiership without losing a single match.

Who will lift the trophy in 2013?

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European Leagues - Barclays Premier League -
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Manchester United7/513/811/88/56/413/8
Manchester City13/815/87/427/411/5

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Premier League Table 2012/13
Team GP Pts
Liverpool 34 77
Chelsea 34 75
Manchester City 32 70
Arsenal 34 67
Everton 33 66
Tottenham Hotspur 34 60
Manchester United 33 57
Southampton 34 48
Newcastle United 34 46
Stoke City 34 43
West Ham United 34 37
Crystal Palace 33 37
Hull City 33 36
Aston Villa 33 34
Swansea City 34 33
West Bromwich Albion 33 33
Norwich City 34 32
Fulham 34 30
Cardiff City 34 29
Sunderland 32 25
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