Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker tournaments are one of the fastest growing leisure activities in the world. In the past decade the increase in popularity of live televised Texas Hold ‘em poker tournaments has led to a virtual explosion of online poker rooms where amateur players can compete for big cash prizes.

Finding Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker rooms can host anything between 10 and several hundred poker tournaments in a single day, with buy-ins ranging from under ten dollars to hundreds of dollars. Even the smaller tournaments pay out well, with tournament winners standing to win thousands of dollars with their relatively small buy-ins.

Online poker tournaments have three basic formats. These are freeroll tournaments, guaranteed cash prize tournaments and major tournament satellites.

Players can register for these tournaments in the tournament lobby. Once the tournament begins players are automatically taken to their tables. Depending on how far the players progress, online tournaments can take anywhere between ten seconds and three hours to complete.

Freeroll Tournaments

Almost all online poker rooms offer daily freeroll tournaments. To register for one of these tournaments, players simply have to click on the tournament lobby, find a freeroll tournament scheduled for a suitable time and register for this tournament.

The majority of freeroll tournaments make use of Texas Hold ‘em limit and no limit formats and apply freezeout rules. Although these tournaments are a great option for players learning the game or protecting small bankrolls, they can be frustrating for experienced players.

Freeroll no limit players tend to go all-in with virtually any combination of cards, and bad-beats are the order of the day. To win in a freeroll tournament players need to play tight poker, allowing players to eliminate themselves, whilst simultaneously keeping an eye on the blinds.

Guaranteed Cash Prize Tournaments

With buy-ins as cheap as a dollar, and prizes ranging from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, guaranteed cash prize tournaments are the most popular online tournament format.

To enter a guaranteed cash prize tournament players will need to visit the tournament lobby, find an appropriately priced and scheduled tournament and register for this tournament.

Guaranteed cash prize tournaments come in two formats, freezeouts which provide players with only one stack, and re-buys which allow players to purchase more chips when they go bust. Play tends to be far tighter in high stakes and freezeout tournaments, whilst poorer, loose players favour the low stakes and re-buy tournaments.

Satellite Tournaments

Satellite tournaments are a popular access point for the world’s biggest live poker events, including the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour and Irish Open. Players can either pay for entry into a satellite tournament or win an entry to it in another tournament.

Individual satellite tournaments do not, as a rule, pay out tournament winners. Instead, the goal of competing in a satellite tournament is to gain access to a multi-million dollar live poker tournament. Even finishing amongst the lower ranks of money winners for these live tournaments can provide players with massive payouts.

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