Poker Player Profiles

The Gambling Guru poker player pages profile ten of the most successful and skillful poker players in the world. Each poker profile includes a short biography as well as information on the player’s career earnings, tournament wins and playing style.

Playing Style

Each of our celebrity poker profiles provide insight into the playing styles adopted by the world top players. If you’re looking to learn poker lessons from the best in the business, look no further than great players like Allen Cunningham, whose analytical approach to the game is likely to see him winning for decades to come.

World Series of Poker

Many of our profiled poker celebrities first made an impression on the poker world at the World Series of Poker. Veteran Eric Seidel achieved second place in the WSOP main event at his first attempt, losing in a hand that was made famous by the classic poker film ‘Rounders’.

Other players earned their reputations, and the bulk of their poker fortunes, at the World Series of Poker. Jamie Gold, for example, shot to the top of the all-time live tournament money winner list by winning an incredible $12 million at the 2006 World Series of Poker.

While a win at the World Series of Poker main event guarantees a player instant stardom, several of the world’s top poker players have built their fortunes by chipping away at some of the World Series of Poker’s less glamorous events.

Phil Ivey has built his reputation at one of the world’s most talented players by crafting wins against top level opponents in some of the toughest multi-format World Series of Poker tournaments. To date Phil Ivey has claimed five WSOP bracelets in five different poker formats.

Tournament Cashes

One of the measures of a true poker professional is the number of cashes accumulated in a career.

While winning a major event is likely to put a poker player in the spotlight, it is consistent cashes in live tournament play that allows players to adopt poker as a career.

With more players participating in live poker tournaments each year it is becoming harder to finish in the money in major tournaments, and only the best in the world are able to achieve this on a regular basis.

Canadian player Daniel Negreanu is an excellent example of a consistent player, cashing over a hundred times in the course of amassing his multi-million dollar poker fortune.

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