How to play Let Them Ride Poker

You place three sizable bets, and then ask to be dealt three cards.

You play by yourself against the dealer, so this all about how you play, and not other players.

The two additional community cards are places at the top upside down, and your goal is to try to make a good hand with the three cards that you have in your possession.

You can remove your bets or you can Let Them Ride, which means to continue with your same pattern, and not raise on any accounts. You can remove or pull out if you think your hand is weak.

When the first of the community cards is flipped over you have the same option to do the same thing, let it ride, or pull out. By the time the second card is turned over you will know if you won or lost.

If you win, you get your winnings, if you lose you loose remaining bets.

There is also a chance to make a side bet of $1, where you can get additional winning on certain combinations. Do this before you link the deal button.

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