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Six Of Hearts Race Horse Profile

Six Of Hearts is a Colt race horse, currently trained by CECIL ROSS. Six Of Hearts has run in 79 races with an average rating of 106.58.

Past 10 Runs Rating Trend 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 16/2/2008 19/2/2008 01/03/2008 29/3/2008 30/4/2008 16/5/2008 26/5/2008 30/5/2008 7/6/2008 20/6/2008

Date Rating Weight Going Trainer (Rating) Jockey (Rating) Odds
14/06/2013109.619-06YieldingCECIL ROSS (96.89)LUKE DEMPSEY (102.59)15/2
26/05/2013112.029-12Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (96.59)S H JAMES (102.72)16/1
19/05/201394.3010-00YieldingCECIL ROSS (96.88)F M BERRY (103.98)12/1
05/10/2012109.569-03StandardCECIL ROSS (96.82)S H JAMES (100.71)20/1
19/09/2012102.579-07HeavyCECIL ROSS (96.74)S H JAMES (100.62)12/1
08/09/2012106.659-04GoodCECIL ROSS (96.79)M M MONAGHAN (98.40)25/1
16/08/2012105.649-09Good to SoftCECIL ROSS (96.90)R P WHELAN (100.75)16/1
13/06/2012102.5210-00Good to YieldingCECIL ROSS (97.18)F M BERRY (103.91)7/1
02/06/2012118.979-00GoodCECIL ROSS (97.14)W M LORDAN (101.26)12/1
26/05/2012107.049-09GoodCECIL ROSS (97.11)S H JAMES (101.70)25/1
11/05/2012102.339-09SoftCECIL ROSS (97.10)S H JAMES (101.90)9/2
07/04/2012113.139-07Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (97.31)S H JAMES (103.93)20/1
07/04/2012113.139-07Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (97.31)S H JAMES (103.93)20/1
25/03/2012116.109-06YieldingCECIL ROSS (97.37)S H JAMES (105.60)11/1
28/10/2011109.579-12StandardCECIL ROSS (97.17)S H JAMES (103.19)25/1
07/10/2011116.349-03StandardCECIL ROSS (97.20)S H JAMES (103.71)12/1
03/09/2011111.839-09GoodCECIL ROSS (96.94)S H JAMES (103.51)25/1
07/08/2011118.229-05GoodCECIL ROSS (96.82)S H JAMES (103.02)10/1
16/07/2011121.469-08Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (96.80)F M BERRY (103.80)5/1
26/06/2011111.499-07Good to YieldingCECIL ROSS (96.67)S H JAMES (103.04)33/1
10/06/2011105.6810-01Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (96.71)S H JAMES (103.46)11/1
06/06/2011108.099-13Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (96.64)S H JAMES (103.05)12/1
29/05/2011105.689-12Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (96.58)W SUPPLE (101.33)14/1
15/05/2011103.9110-00FirmCECIL ROSS (96.50)F M BERRY (103.80)16/1
08/05/2011112.659-08Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (96.52)F M BERRY (103.78)14/1
16/04/2011110.539-07YieldingCECIL ROSS (96.50)F M BERRY (103.75)16/1
01/04/2011121.109-07StandardCECIL ROSS (96.46)D J MORAN (98.76)11/2
20/03/2011118.569-02SoftCECIL ROSS (96.57)C O`DONOGHUE (99.60)16/1
04/09/2010115.809-00Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (95.36)M HARLEY (97.30)20/1
05/08/2010111.809-09GoodCECIL ROSS (95.30)M HARLEY (97.09)7/1
17/07/2010109.479-10GoodCECIL ROSS (95.36)D J MORAN (97.31)20/1
10/07/2010109.679-11Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (95.30)D J MORAN (97.38)16/1
10/06/2010123.619-06GoodCECIL ROSS (95.20)D J MORAN (97.46)10/1
30/05/2010113.989-09Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (95.11)D J MORAN (97.49)15/2
22/05/2010109.249-09Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (95.04)D J MORAN (97.49)25/1
30/04/2010113.169-07GoodCECIL ROSS (94.93)K J MANNING (110.55)20/1
17/04/201099.699-08GoodCECIL ROSS (95.02)M HARLEY (97.37)20/1
09/04/2010109.0510-01StandardCECIL ROSS (95.04)F M BERRY (103.04)8/1
03/04/2010115.329-04StandardCECIL ROSS (94.93)M HARLEY (97.59)15/2
21/03/2010116.509-05Yielding to SoftCECIL ROSS (94.9)M HARLEY (97.5)16/1
26/02/2010112.359-11StandardCECIL ROSS (94.9)F M BERRY (103.0)11/2
14/02/2010123.289-00StandardCECIL ROSS (94.7)F M BERRY (103.0)25/1
27/11/200999.069-12StandardCECIL ROSS (94.8)F M BERRY (103.1)16/1
20/11/200997.019-06StandardCECIL ROSS (94.8)F M BERRY (103.1)15/2
11/11/2009101.229-04StandardCECIL ROSS (94.9)K M DONOGHUE (0.0)33/1
05/11/2009120.629-02HeavyCECIL ROSS (94.8)K J MANNING (110.7)20/1
17/10/2009117.029-04GoodCECIL ROSS (94.7)W SUPPLE (102.7)20/1
11/10/2009122.159-03SoftCECIL ROSS (94.7)J A HEFFERNAN (102.3)15/1
27/09/2009106.769-06Good to YieldingCECIL ROSS (94.5)F M BERRY (103.1)20/1
19/09/2009118.519-02GoodCECIL ROSS (94.4)M HARLEY (97.3)25/1
12/09/2009112.169-00Soft to HeavyCECIL ROSS (94.3)M HARLEY (97.5)12/1
28/08/2009106.139-08YieldingCECIL ROSS (94.3)S FOLEY (96.4)12/1
12/08/2009105.059-12GoodCECIL ROSS (94.2)F M BERRY (103.1)25/1
28/07/2009113.899-02SoftCECIL ROSS (94.1)K J MANNING (110.7)33/1
19/06/2009118.199-03Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (94.1)E AHERN (109.6)33/1
01/06/2009103.9110-00Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (94.1)K J MANNING (110.5)16/1
06/05/2009110.468-03Yielding to SoftCECIL ROSS (93.8)M HARLEY (97.7)16/1
26/04/200998.059-07SoftCECIL ROSS (93.9)F M BERRY (103.1)33/1
13/04/200997.379-09SoftCECIL ROSS (93.9)F M BERRY (103.1)12/1
30/9/2008113.749-00YieldingCECIL ROSS (93.5)F M BERRY (103.1)15/1
20/9/2008100.079-01StandardCECIL ROSS (93.5)D J MORAN (100.6)25/1
13/9/2008112.378-13HeavyCECIL ROSS (93.4)F M BERRY (103.1)6/1
29/8/2008108.609-05YieldingCECIL ROSS (93.5)M HARLEY (100.8)7/2
17/8/2008115.098-04HeavyCECIL ROSS (93.3)D J MORAN (100.8)12/1
6/8/2008109.728-08YieldingCECIL ROSS (93.2)D J MORAN (100.6)9/1
29/7/2008104.599-04GoodCECIL ROSS (93.2)F M BERRY (103.2)9/1
20/7/200891.199-12GoodCECIL ROSS (93.4)F M BERRY (103.2)5/1
12/7/200897.419-04YieldingCECIL ROSS (93.4)F M BERRY (103.2)15/2
26/6/200884.739-11Good to YieldingCECIL ROSS (93.3)D J MORAN (98.2)14/1
20/6/200893.249-07Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (93.2)F M BERRY (103.2)11/2
7/6/200885.239-06Good to FirmCECIL ROSS (93.2)F M BERRY (103.2)11/1
30/5/200884.688-12FirmCECIL ROSS (93.2)D J MORAN (98.5)12/1
26/5/200889.908-13GoodCECIL ROSS (93.2)C O`DONOGHUE (98.7)16/1
16/5/200895.118-06GoodCECIL ROSS (93.1)D J MORAN (98.4)20/1
30/4/200892.949-07SoftCECIL ROSS (93.1)F M BERRY (103.2)10/1
29/3/200876.8910-12SoftCECIL ROSS (93.0)MR S W FLANAGAN (93.4)20/1
01/03/2008SoftCecil Ross ()S W Flanagan ()
19/2/200861.8011-07Yielding to SoftCECIL ROSS (93.1)unknown (82.1)33/1
16/2/200876.5311-07Good to SoftCECIL ROSS (93.1)B M CASH (92.1)25/1

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