Free Co-Branding on Gambling Guru

What is it?

If you place a Gambling Guru URL on your Web site or blog with special coding, and it’s clicked, your site name and link to your Web site appear at the top of the Gambling Guru page they see.

Why Use it?

  • Co-branding boosts your visibility among the visitors you send from your Web site to
  • Your website information follows visitors to their visit to Gambling Guru.
  • Remember to add your site name and URL in the spaces provided when grabbing your Gambling Guru widget code.

If you absolutely love Gambling Guru then you can also add this co-branding to text links.

For example:

Site name: Google
Site URL:
Co-Branding code: ?su=

For example, to link to the Gambling Guru home page:

Add valuable information to your Web site or blog today!

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