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The boss is out and its time to settle down to some serious non-productivity. Gambling Guru Games offers you the opportunity to take care of the important things in life like slotting penalties, saving goals in street football and playing hot Eastern European women in a game of tennis. Play any of these games for free, and once you’ve mastered them you can back your skills for cash prizes!

Release your inner Beckham in this great penalty shootout game. The aim of the game is to avoid the distraction of the inner-city clamour and score a penalty before swopping roles with your digital mate and trying to save his penalty attempt.

Horse Racing

Always wanted to be a dwarf with a high-pitched voice? Now’s your chance to live the jockey dream and take the reins of a thoroughbred racehorse. Before you go and flog your horse to death you should know that this game is all about selecting the right horse and timing your runs to perfection.


If your office has been inconsiderate enough not to set up a staff putting green in the common room, then this game is the perfect antidote to your golf cravings. Our golf game lets you pick a favourite player before putting your digital golf skills to the test.


If you think you could kick a leather egg between two poles 50m away then you’ll love our rugby union game. Can you keep your cool under pressure? You’ll never known until you put yourself in the position of a kick-taker facing up to a potentially match-winning attempt at the posts.


It’s time to put on a white skirt and dust off your tennis game for this addictive flash game. Use your mouse to maneuver your player and hit shots while Arnold Schwarznegger gives commentary from the umpire’s chair.

Bullseye Darts

You might as well take the rest of the day off if you plan on getting into this game. Darts doesn’t get more addictive than the classic 501 tournament format used in Bullseye Dart. Once you’ve nailed the elusive “180” you’ll be ready to take on the computer for cash.

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