Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish Grand Prix is one of the oldest races in the Formula One World Championship. First raced in 1913, the Spanish Grand Prix has been held at venues throughout Spain during its history, and is presently hosted by Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona.

Laps: 66
Lap Distance: 4.655km
Race Distance: 307.104km

Circuit de Catalunya

The Circuit de Catalunya is located in the town of Montmelo, situated to the North of Barcelona. The racetrack is regarded as providing an excellent all round test of driving ability, and is also one of the most important road testing facilities in Formula One.

Sudden changes in wind direction are the biggest challenge drivers face at the Circuit de Catalunya, as changes in wind direction can have a significant impact on car performance and steering.

Spanish Grand Prix History

The initial Spanish Grand Prix was a race for touring cars held on a vast road circuit in Guadarrama in 1913. During the next four decades the Spanish Grand Prix was raced intermittently as it moved around the country, and was frequently suspended during periods of political and social upheaval.

In 1951 the Spanish Grand Prix made its debut as part of the Formula One World Championship, and was raced on the Pedralbas circuit. However, the Spanish Grand Prix was removed from the World Championship schedule only four years later, after an accident at the circuit, which claimed the lives of dozens of spectators.

In an attempt to return to the Formula One fold, the Spanish invested in safer circuits, and by 1968 the Spanish Grand Prix was once again part of the Formula One Championship. During the following decade the Spanish Grand Prix was raced at the Jarama racetrack, before it was once again dropped from the Formula One schedule.

The Spanish Grand Prix made its third appearance on the World Championship calendar in 1986, when the event was hosted at the new Circuito Permanente de Jerez. The race remained in Jerez for the next five years before being moved to its new home in Barcelona in 1991.

The Future of the Spanish Grand Prix

The future of the Spanish Grand Prix appears to be secure for another decade. While several established European grand prix are under threat as the sport expands into the Middle East and Asia, the Spanish Grand Prix is rarely mentioned as a potential casualty of the expansion of Formula One racing into foreign markets.

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