Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix is the first night race held as part of the Formula One World Championship. Formerly a part of the Formula Thompson and Formula Libre racing championships, the Singapore Grand Prix is raced on a street circuit in the Marina Bay district of Singapore.

Laps: 61
Lap Distance: 5.067km
Race Distance: 309.087km

Singapore Street Circuit

The Singapore Street Circuit in Marina Bay is the host for the world’s first night grand prix. Designed along the lines of the Monaco and European circuits, the Singapore circuit features 22 bends and several short, fast straight sections.

Apart from being the first fully lit racetrack in Formula One history, the Singapore Street Circuit offers several other unusual design features, including a section of the track that runs underneath the grandstand.

The absence of run off space around bends and chicanes makes the Singapore Street Circuit potentially one of the more challenging and dangerous circuits on the Formula One calendar.

Singapore Grand Prix History

While the Singapore Grand Prix only made its Formula One debut in 2008, the race has a history dating back to 1962 when Singapore was still part of the Malaysian Federation. Between 1962 and 1965 the Malaysian Grand Prix was raced as part of the Formula Two Championships on the Thompson Road Circuit in Singapore.

After the expulsion of Singapore from the Malaysian Federation, racing still continued at the Thompson Road Circuit, as the Malaysian Grand Prix was renamed the Singapore Grand Prix. The Singapore Grand Prix ran as part of smaller championships until 1973 when it was cancelled due to impracticalities associated with racing on the Thompson street circuit.

The Future of the Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix was resurrected for the 2008 Formula One World Championship as part of Formula One’s expansion into the Asian market. As the first night race in the sport, the Singapore Grand Prix is at the forefront of the evolution of Formula One racing.

Scheduling the Singapore Grand Prix at night also ensures that the race is broadcast at a time suitable for European audiences. At present the Singapore Grand Prix contract stipulates that the race will be held until at least 2012, with an option to extend the contract for another five years.

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