PKR Unveil 3D Blackjack App

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PKR 3D Blackjack App ScreenshotWith the proliferation of smartphone technology, many poker and gambling sites have begun developing apps for smartphone users. PKR, who made their name creating a revolutionary poker room that made use of 3D graphics have just launched their first smartphone app: 3D blackjack. For those of you familiar with PKR, you will have no doubt seen the game whilst playing free poker games on their desktop client.

The newly released app is freely available on the iTunes store, with a real money app expected to drop in the coming weeks. The app is by far the best smartphone blackjack app we are yet to see. PKR’s highly detailed 3D graphics make the game much more fun than the traditional blackjack apps out there. The game looks incredible on the iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 4 and 4S.

As you would expect with PKR products, there is a high level of Avatar customisation, with new outfits and actions that can be unlocked. The app is also packed with loads of additional features and content. Through playing, you can gain experience points for your PKR account as well as learn the basics of blackjack with the help of useful interactive tutorials.

Competitive gamers will be happy to hear that there are over 50 Game centre achievements to unlock as well as live leaderboards that allow you to compete with friends and strangers alike.

This strong release has had many PKR fans speculating whether a full PKR online poker app will be coming to the iTunes store. Many poker rooms are beginning to offer real money game apps to their customers, so we can only expect for there to be an official announcement from PKR in the coming months.

If PKR can manage to create a highly usable yet aesthetically polished product, we can imagine that they will take a real hold of the smartphone gambling market. With its clever blending of 3D graphics and dynamic gameplay, PKR appeals to a much wider audience than traditional online poker rooms which offer boring top down, pure poker.

Smartphone gambling has been on a steady increase since 2009 as mobile internet infrastructure has significantly improved. As the 4G network is being gradually rolled out, we can only assume that real money gambling will become even more widespread. Analysts have predicted that by 2017, smartphone users will have made a staggering £10 billion worth of bets. As American legislation opens up towards online gambling, we can only expect these figures to skyrocket.

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