Low Stakes No Limit Hold’em Strategy at Party Poker

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Party Poker

Playing online, at a home game or in a casino, you will occasionally find yourself seated at a table where the majority of opponents are noticeably poorer card players.

They are willing to call large pre-flop raises with any two cards. Most hands end up going to a showdown, frequently with more than one caller. Seemingly unplayable hands are repeatedly cracking big pocket pairs. You will need to adapt your thought process and playing style at these games.

You can find these types of softer online games at low stakes tables at Party Poker or, if you’re looking for alternatives, check out the handy guide at PlaySolidPoker.com.

Return to an ABC poker game

Tighten your range. In these situations, players do not tend to exploit patterns or faults in your strategy. This means that the game is not as dynamic and meta-game will have less significance in a session than it normally would. Your chip stack will grow over time because you are only opening stronger hands and not putting chips into a pot without strong justification.
Avoid bluffs, steals and squeeze plays

Obviously fold equity decreases remarkably. Players who are unable to evaluate the strength of their own hand correctly have clearly not given a thought to the range of hands you could possibly be holding.

Often if one limper calls your raise, the whole table will follow in turn. Inflating pots with mediocre hands will whittle away your stack very quickly.

It is OK to limp behind occasionally

Although the general guideline is to either raise or fold pre-flop, seeing a cheap, multi-way flop in position with drawing hands such as suited connectors and small pocket pairs can pay off handsomely if you hit. These hands play well in family pots; so keep going as long as your play does not get exploited.

Raise large pre-flop with your big hands

Grossly over-bet. Weak players will often make no connection between the size of your bet and the strength of your hand, often considering larger raises to be bluffs. If they were planning on calling with K10o from the blinds, they will probably call regardless of your raise size. The last thing you want is to see a 7 way flop with aces.

Do not hesitate to bet for much thinner value than usual

Weaker players tend to have little concern for board texture, their position, table image or their opponents holdings. They want to see a showdown and will often make poor calls out of curiosity or to “keep you in line”. Except to be looked up worse.

Weaker players tend to play any ace, ignoring their kicker. Once they have decided they like their hand, they will be hell-bent on seeing a showdown.

Manage your bankroll

Expect to have to dodge cards often. Despite reasoning that you have an edge on the majority of players at the table, you will still need to have enough buy-ins to deal with the usual swings.

That’s it. Get back to the felt. Check out the low-stakes tables at Party Poker for easier online poker games.

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