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Online Casino GamesUnlike traditional land-based casinos, where you’ll usually find a limited selection of arcade games and table games on offer, online casinos tend to spoil you for choice. Some of the biggest online casinos offer literally hundreds of games to their users, making it tough for gamers to figure out which games offer them the best chances of turning a profit during their casino session.

With this in mind, we take a look at some of the most popular game categories, and give you an idea of what you should be playing to improve your odds of building your bankroll rather than busting.

Card & Table Games

From Poker to Pai Gow there are literally dozens of card and table games on offer at online casinos, ranging from the famous games like poker and blackjack to more exotic games like Red Dog and Sic Bo. While it’s tempting to think that the exotic games potentially offer better odds to players than the familiar favourites, the truth is that they offer variety rather than value.

The most popular casino games in the world are popular for a reason – they’re popular because they offer the best payout percentages to skilled players. And the most popular of the table game also offers the best return – if you want to maximize the payout percentage from a table game, look no further than your nearest blackjack table.

When played using the basic blackjack strategy, blackjack significantly reduces the house edge. And if the table offers any sort of bonus payouts for special hands (i.e. bonuses for triple sevens), the payout percentages can even swing in favour of the player over the long term. So look out for blackjack games offering player bonuses, and ensure you read up on how to apply basic blackjack strategy before you begin playing.

Slots Games

The majority of action in both online and land-based casinos takes place around slots games. The combination of simple game play and potentially enormous jackpots keeps gamers coming back for more – despite the fact that slots games tend to offer the lowest returns on bets over the long term.

If you’re determined to play the slots, then your best bet is to look out for multi-line slots machines that are linked to a shared jackpot. Even though your odds of winning the jackpot itself are minimal, winning just a small share of a jackpot can be very lucrative.

When playing slots also keep in mind that payout percentages on slots games generally increase with the size of the bet, and that using the maximum number of bets for each round of play generates the best possible payout percentage. With this in mind, you’ll get best value off dime games over the long term if you have a limited bankroll.

Video/Arcade Games

While there are ways and means of reducing your losses off slots, there are better ways to improve your odds if you feel the need to play a console game. Therefore consider skipping the slots and checking out which video poker games your casino has to offer.

Not only is video poker fun and easy to play, but it also offers the highest payout percentages of any arcade type game. In fact Deuces Wild video poker and Double Bonus video poker both give a statistical edge to the player over the long run if played with optimal strategy and using the maximum number of credits.

As is the case with blackjack, it’s up to the players to do their homework on how these strategies work. However, once they’ve mastered these strategies they’ll earn over 100% returns on these versions of video poker over the long term.

While these tips may seem simple, that’s because the key to successful online gaming is keeping it simple: as a rule of thumb it pays to stick to popular games with high payout percentages, choose jackpot or bonus versions when available, learn the rules and apply an optimal strategy.

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