Gambling Guru Writing & Editing Staff

Andrew Ziffo – Editor

Andrew Ziffo acts as the content manager for the Gambling Guru network. Responsible for delegating content production, Ziffo is also a contributing writer to the network, using his extensive knowledge of rugby union to produce related content for Gambling Guru readers.

Aside from his editing and writing duties, Ziffo also runs an internet marketing company and advises local business on improving web-based search visibility. Ziffo has worked in various capacities in online copy production and editing since 2004.

Melissa Hilton – Editor

Melissa Hilton is Gambling Guru’s in-house copy editor. Hilton proof-reads the content written by the Gambling Guru writing team and ensures all network content is up to date and accurate.

Hilton’s responsibilities include writing and editing all bingo-related content published on the Gambling Guru bingo channel. She also screens site affiliates on a daily basis to report on the latest specials and promotions offered by online casinos and bookmakers.

Anthony Malan

Anthony Malan has been the head writer at Gambling Guru since 2007. Malan is the company’s football and racing pundit, reporting and tipping on these sports as well as producing golf and tennis related content and updates.

Malan has five years of experience working as an online reporter and news content editor. Besides reporting on sports, writing feature articles and composing tips, Malan is also an active blogger, writing commentary on a variety of social and political issues.

Bryan Kelly

The master-mind behind the Gambling Guru concept, Bryan Kelly brings years of experience in the sports and recreational betting industries to play in his incisive editorials for the Gambling Guru network.

When he’s not up to his elbows in the machinery that powers the extensive Gambling Guru network, Kelly provides written commentary and tips for selected English football matches and national hunt races. Kelly has worked as an online entrepreneur for over a decade.

Steven van Rensburg

Steven van Rensburg is the go-to man for poker content on the Gambling Guru network. An accomplished amateur ‘hold em player, van Rensburg brings extensive knowledge of the world of online poker to play in his featured articles and news reporting on the world of web-based poker.

van Rensburg is also contributes to the Gambling Guru design team, advising on the information architecture of the site as well as providing photographic and design content for the Gambling Guru network. van Rensburg also writes poker-related content for local magazines.

Jonas Meister

Jonas Meister is responsible for producing casino related content for the Gambling Guru network. Meister provides the network with casino feature articles, industry insider news and tips for making the most of the gambling opportunities offered by online bookmakers.

Meister’s responsibilities at Gambling Guru include improving the networking of the site with related sports and betting blogs, as well as strategizing marketing campaigns. Meister is also responsible for editing all off-site content submitted to external sites.

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